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Mallorca -spring in the western Mediterranean
19 - 26 Apr 2017 (1 week)

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From the peaceful bay of Cala Sant Vincenç on the north coast, we will explore the spectacular limestone mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana, visit internationally important wetlands and enjoy walks near Mallorca’s beautiful north-east coast.



Known as a popular holiday destination, Mallorca has some stunning scenery including many miles of ‘wild’, unspoilt coastline, extensive areas of woodland and Mediterranean ‘maquis’ shrublands and a dramatic mountain range that provides a background to the olive groves and small farms that cover most of the central plains. A scattering of internationally important wetlands and offshore islands add to the richness of an island that has a high biodiversity and a good number of endemic species.  

We will explore a variety of habitats to enjoy the birds, other wildlife, plants and landscapes and also learn something of the island’s fascinating culture, described as a mix of ’west and east’ due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean. Particular species that we will look for include black (cinereous) vulture and Balearic warbler, and the rare and beautiful 'Mallorcan marsh orchid', Orchis palustris ssp robusta, a plant once thought to be endemic to the island and still only found in localised populations. We should see a good number of other animals including Hermann’s tortoise, Algerian hedgehog, geckos, frogs, and many butterflies and dragonflies.


Bird migration will be underway whilst species that breed on the island will be in full breeding plumage. This is an ideal holiday for those who want an introduction to Mediterranean wildlife, or for those who wish to see the species for which Mallorca is famous. It is also a rare opportunity to explore the less well known parts of the island, well off the beaten track. 


Price: £1595, Single Room Supplement £120



Leader: Charlie Rugeroni with local guides



Flights available from a variety of UK airports.



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