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The Atlas Kasbah, our base for our time in Morocco. Wildlife Travel

Romulea aff. engleri, one of the special plants of the area. Dr Tim Upson. Wildlife Travel

Black-crowned Tchagra. Although our main focus will be on the wild flowers, there are plenty of exciting birds to be found! Wildlife Travel

Polygala balansae, one of the many Moroccan specialities we will find on our holiday. Wildlife Travel

Morocco - wild flowers and natural history
28 Feb - 7 Mar 2015 (1 week)

Mostly Wild Flowers

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An introduction to the natural history and wild flowers of southern Morocco.

Based for the week at the wonderful Atlas Kasbah in southern Morocco, our holiday is an excellent introduction to the flora, fauna and culture of this fascinating country. The short flight to Agadir, 20 minute transfer to the hotel and relaxed pace of the week make this trip ideal for anyone wanting a taste of Morocco in the company of expert leaders whilst enjoying a high standard of accommodation and easy, comfortable travel.

March is the best time for enjoying many of the flowers, both on the coast and in the mountains. With Mediterranean, Macaronesian and African influences, this area has a fascinating mix of plants including palms, succulent euphorbias, chrysanthemums, toadflaxes, mulleins, irises, ornithogalums and interesting shrubs. The birdlife is very interesting and we should see some of the local specialties, including House Bunting, Moussier’s Redstart, Black-crowned Tchagra and, with luck, the critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis. We will visit the Sous Massa National Park, where as well as a variety of birds, we will also look for several species of antelope that have been reintroduced here, including Addax, Dorcas Gazelle and the graceful Scimitar-horned Oryx.

Our traditionally and sustainably-built and run hotel, the Atlas Kasbah, has spacious rooms with lovely views of the surrounding countryside, attractive patios and a swimming pool. It is situated within the protected argan forest and we will have time to enjoy this area and grounds of the hotel as well as excursions to the coast, mountains, oases, small villages and the attractive town of Taroudant, a ‘mini Marakesh’, to experience the local Berber culture.



Price: £1590 per person

(single room supplement £150)

Full Board


Leaders: Charlie Rugeroni and Philip Precey, with local guide


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